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Advanced approach to trach rehab

Post Tracheotomy Care

We have a comprehensive, specialized team.

Excel at Woodbury’s professional staff is well trained to give the proper care for trach patients, and our facility is set up to help them be comfortable and recover quickly. We understand that this will be a hard road, and we ensure our residents do not have to walk it alone. Getting used to talking, eating, drinking and breathing for these residents is difficult, and our caring staff is experienced in helping them
on the road to recovery. We work hand-in-hand with our skilled multidisciplinary team to develop a plan, ensuring maximum comfort and function. We have a 73% success rate for decannulating patients who are admitted with tracheostomies.

We take an advanced approach to trach rehabilitation and weaning with the optimal goal of decannulation. We have a comprehensive, specialized team to ensure all aspects of respiratory care are met, while involving the patient and family in development of a plan.

Specialized Trach Services:
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Program to maximize respiratory function
  • Chest PT with SmartVest for optimal airway clearance
  • Group Therapy for energy conservation and endurance building
  • In-house FEES assessment of swallowing and Upper Airway function
  • PMSV Protocol to maximize communication and swallowing
  • Trach Rounds with Pulmonologist
  • Trach care training with RT to increase independence
  • Weaning and Decannulation protocol with Respiratory and Speech Therapy
  • Pulse Oximetry Monitoring, Incentive Spirometry, High-fl ow Oxygen
  • Support Group for residents and family
Nurse at Excel on Long Island
Dedicated Respiratory Team Members:
  • 7 day per week Skilled PT and OT
  • Speech Language Pathologist with Clinical Expertise in Trach Management
  • In House Respiratory Therapy
  • Board Certified Pulmonologist
  • ENT Consultation as needed
  • Psychology Services
  • Trach Care by Nurse Specialist
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