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Your goals are unique

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

We aim to keep your rehab experience personalized down to the very last detail.

Your medical conditions make your goals unique. That’s why we aim to keep your rehab experience personalized down to the very last detail. You will meet daily with your trainer up to 7 days a week to discuss rehab strategies and undertake challenging fitness goals. Rediscover your potential in our beautiful New York style gymnasium, recently remodeled to include the latest in rehab technology, including the revolutionary SMART Balance Master. This advanced piece of equipment represents the pinnacle in cutting edge physical rehabilitation. The SMART Balance Master uses a dynamic force plate to monitor the forces exerted by a patient’s feet, recording levels of balance control. This revolutionary technology provides our rehab specialists with on-screen visual biofeedback which they can analyze to bring you to your best.

Our competent staff is trained to provide physical rehabilitation solutions for:

  • Post-orthopedic surgery
  • Joint replacement
  • Fractures/trauma
  • Post-amputation
  • Cardiac and respiratory recovery
  • Post-CVA (stroke)
  • Speech, language, and swallowing disorders

Success Stories

Carmine Soldano’s story of success at Excel at Woodbury

Margo Margarites tells her story of success at Excel at Woodbury

State-of-the-Art Gym

Welcome to our state-of-the-art gym! With a bright, spacious, modern interior and ultra-hightech equipment, it’s the epicenter of Excel’s rehabilitation experience. The combination of advanced, cutting-edge equipment plus an insightful, highly knowledgeable staff is the perfect strategy for your success. At Excel, we take healing into the next dimension. A perfect example is our use of the SMART Balance Master. This sophisticated piece of rehabilitation equipment uses advanced technology.

Rehab gym at Excel at Woodbury
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