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Post coronavirus rehabilitation

Post COVID-19 Rehab

Our team works with patients recently hospitalized with COVID-19 to assist in improving strength and fine motor skills. Patients may be admitted directly from home or hospital post ICU and ventilator dependent course of treatment. Excel at Woodbury requires patients to test negative for COVID-19 prior to admission.

We offer all aspects of respiratory care for post COVID patients with on-site Pulmonologist and Respiratory therapists, including:
  • High Flow o2 Therapy
  • Physical Therapy and on-site Pulmonary Tests
  • On-Site Respiratory therapist and therapy
  • Cognitive therapy for post COVID Hypoxia and/or Encephalopathy
  • Endurance training for post COVID deconditioning with impaired lung/respiratory
  • Strengthening Skills post COVID physical deconditioning
  • Swallowing therapy for post COVID Dysphagia also with Trach’s and trach removal
  • Communication therapy post COVID
  • Psychosocial Support post COVID with Neuropsychology and supportive trained staff
  • Family involvement within the rehabilitation process via Zoom and Skype
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